Our Mission

The mission of Enchanted Wife is dedicated to teaching and promoting the art and science of plant medicine, spiritual healing, alternative and traditional health & beauty practices, honoring our intrinsic connection to nature.

We also offer in our on-line shop high quality and an affordable range of  books, crystals & gems, essential oils, herbs and spiritual tools to help empower you on your journey of healing, health, and vitality.

You will also find a number of informative blog posts on how I use tools of spirituality, herbal recipes and more. It has taken me many years to acquire this information, I hope that it serves a grater purpose here on these pages.

My Story

I've always felt a connection with nature, animals & home.  Growing up as a creative person I've known of a world around us that seemed to be mostly unseen by most. Becoming a mother made me fully aware of what I wanted to have my children exposed to & so I became a self taught gardenerearth guardian, learning about plant medicinesustainable life practices.

Throughout  life I've gained a lot of knowledge in business, renovation, interior design & how I did not want to live. Always questioning & learning I soon discovered the world of metaphysics, & it seemed clear to me that spirituality, lifestyle & mother nature was my sacred path. My hopes are that my efforts here can help inspire others in some form to see the world as an extension of us, of everyone. <3

Meet Me, Hello!

This is me today, I run this little business out of my home, from my heart.


Coco the dog.

My sidekick Coco. She is a rescue dog from the Calgary Humane Society. She spent the first 8 or 9 months of her life as a "Rez Dog".

We've had nothing but good times, She's so proud to be part of my life and I love her so!!


Enchanted Wife

Rachel Hudson

Earthy mother of 2 (grown) boy's. Studied herbology with Wild Rose College of Natural Healing and the Herbal Academy.  Also am certified Interior Designer and Clinical Esthatician. This is where it all comes together.



Ive been a bit of a gypsy traveler during the last seven years, moving home and hearth from one province to another, it can really break a lot of a girls stuff!

One thing it's never broke was my spirit and I have learned that home is where you and you alone lay the foundation or perhaps roots in my case. Planting gardens where ever I go!

Next Steps...

On-line holistic and metaphysical shop!!